Goodbye to Bad Trash

Comprehensive Waste Removal Services

by Micheal Curtis

A dumpster rental business that offers comprehensive services can help you manage waste disposal processes at each of your business locations. Learn how using an all-inclusive waste management company can alleviate any issues with disposing of unwanted materials.

A Managed Account

A business that features rentals may lease dumpsters, recycling bins, and waste containers that are designed for commercial and residential use. Consult with a representative of the rental business. The representative will recommend rental containers that are well-equipped to handle the load of waste items that are disposed of at each of your business locations.

Provide the representative with a breakdown of the waste materials that are commonly incurred at each business location. The material types may reflect upon the dumpster or bin product that will be best suited to hold the materials. 


The business that you acquire rental dumpsters and bins through may feature a customer portal that you can access remotely. This portal will allow you to schedule future trash pickups. It will also provide you with information about past waste management services that have been conducted.

If one or more of your business locations generates more trash than the other ones, you can use the online portal to schedule more frequent waste pickups. You can also use the portal to make payments, to stop or start waste management services, or to request having another dumpster or waste container delivered to one or more of your business locations.

Green Products

Dumpster bags and dumpster liners are green products that will not be harmful to the environment. If your business is environmentally-conscious, learn how a dumpster bag could make a good alternative to a standard dumpster.

A dumpster bag is made of fibrous materials. This type of bag is designed to hold large volumes of waste materials. A bag can be reused as often as it is needed. A waste management company will pick up a bag at scheduled times and empty it.

Dumpster liners that are made of biodegradable materials can be used to keep a dumpster's interior clean and dry.

A dumpster liner can support heavy loads of waste materials. After lining a dumpster, waste materials can be added to the dumpster in a normal manner. When a waste management transport driver is dispatched to the location where a dumpster needs to be emptied, they will collect all of the waste materials inside the liner. 

For more information on dumpster rentals, contact a company near you.