Goodbye to Bad Trash

Does It Stay Or Does It Go? Decluttering Strategies

by Micheal Curtis

Decluttering your living space requires that you designate storage space for each item that you decide to keep. It also involves tossing out useless items and donating or selling usable items. Use the decluttering strategies below to organize your space and get rid of non-essentials.

The Preliminary Stages

A junk cleanout project should never be rushed. Trying to handle the organization and disposal of a lot of items within a short timeframe can become overwhelming. Rushing a junk cleanout project could also result in accidentally disposing of something that you would have benefited from keeping.

The preliminary stages of your junk cleanout project should involve scheduling enough time to declutter. You should also seek the acquisition of dumpsters, trash cans, and storage boxes. After you have prepared a timeline for the cleanup project, rent or purchase containers and boxes that you will need for the disposal and storage of items. 

The Cleanout Project

Get into the mindset that once you begin sorting through items, you will only manually handle them one time. Holding off on deciding whether you will keep an item, throw it away, or donate or sell the item will only result in the clutter remaining in your home's interior. If you haven't used something in a long time, vow to get rid of it. Appropriate storage space in your home for any of the items that you decide to keep.

Assess each of your possessions separately. If something is broken, place it inside of the dumpster or in one of the trash cans. If an item is in good shape, but you do not have a use for it, decide if you would like to donate it or sell it. Use the same strategies when sorting through the items in each room of your home.

Your Disposal Plan

If the clutter within your home is severe, try to focus on decluttering one small section of a room at a time. Because you will likely be disposing of many items throughout the cleanout process, seek frequent garbage removal services.

If you acquired your dumpster and garbage cans through a local waste management provider, contact them in advance. Schedule trash pickups that coincide with the days that you will be tackling the cleanout project. By getting rid of garbage as needed, you will always have plenty of room in your dumpster or trash cans for the additional items that you would like to throw away.

For more information on junk cleanouts, contact a professional near you.