Goodbye to Bad Trash

4 Questions About Using A Junk Removal Service

by Micheal Curtis

Do you have a home that has a lot of junk that needs to be removed? You may have inherited a property from a family member that has a lot of unnecessary stuff in it, dealing with clearing out your own home with hoarding issues, or renovating a home that has a lot of construction waste. Here are some questions you're likely to have about using a junk removal service. 

Are There Size Limits To What Kind Of Junk Can Be Removed?

If you are hiring a junk removal service, know that there is not a limit to what can be removed from a home based on its size. It doesn't matter if you have very large items or a lot of little items, the service is capable of completely clearing out the home if that is what you want to have done. Have peace of mind that you won't be left with odd large items in the home that are your responsibility to get rid of because they are too big. 

Can Junk Outside The Home Be Removed? 

Know that the junk you want to get rid of will be removed, no matter where it is located on your property. You may have a shed outside with an old lawnmower or car batteries or a lot of yard waste and debris that needs to be cleared away. If you consider it junk, then the junk removal company is going to remove it for you. They are not just removing valuable items that can be scrapped, resold, or recycled. It doesn't even matter if the junk is in working condition or not. 

Can Fixtures Of The Home Be Removed? 

Anything can be removed from the home, even if it is considered a fixture that would be left in the home if it was sold. This includes broken bathtubs, toilets, appliances, and things of that nature. The junk removal service will even perform the necessary disconnect of the materials that need to be removed as well.

Will Junk Be Removed From An Attic? 

If you have stuff that has been crammed into an attic, know that the junk removal service will go into the attic to get rid of it for you. You do not have to have everything ready and accessible to be removed from the home since they'll go into places like attics and crawl spaces for you if it is necessary.

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