Goodbye to Bad Trash

Here's Why You Should Hire Hoarding Cleanup Professionals

by Micheal Curtis

Are you living with a dedicated hoarder? Hoarders constantly feel the need to hold on to most of their possessions even when they no longer need them. These individuals acquire items that only clutter their living spaces and cause considerable untidiness, such as the buildup of trash and discarded food. In the end, hoarders eventually find it challenging to organize their items, which often causes conflict with other household members. Fortunately, today, you can hire hoarding cleanup services to help you out. Some of the reasons to hire these professionals include the following:

1. Stay safe

Hoarding often comes with significant sanitation problems. For instance, since this habit leads to a buildup of dirt, dust, and other debris, bacteria, and other contaminants breed quickly in areas containing hoarded items. Therefore, when you start cleaning, exposure goes beyond just inhaling dust and spores in the air. You may also have to deal with biohazards like animal carcasses, urine, fecal matter, and other body fluids. But you can stay safe by letting trained and skilled hoarding cleaners handle all these issues.

2. Handling rodents and pests

Different types of hoarding attract various vermin and pests. For example, if you are dealing with paper hoarding, expect to face rats and mice colonies. To make matters worse, rodents like rats come with additional problems, including bed bugs and fleas. Moreover, clutter also encourages termites, which destroy the structural integrity of your home. The only way to remediate such issues during cleanup is through fumigation. And only an experienced and licensed hoarding clean-up company can undertake fumigation safely and effectively.

3. Control mold growth

Hoarders get exposed to moisture, which causes mildew and mold growth. That, consequently, leads to decreased indoor air quality and increases the risks of your household members developing health complications and illnesses. Besides, an excessive accumulation of clutter makes detecting water leak problems and mold growth more challenging. As a result, during the cleanup, dealing with mold is unavoidable. It's advisable to let hoarding cleanup experts handle the project and remove, control, and reduce the spread of mold and mildew in your home.

4. Avoid conflicts

Hoarders tend to be excessively attached to their collections despite most being worthless and unnecessary. As a result, they often react distressingly, sometimes with violence, whenever anyone tries to discard their hoard. Although you can avoid agitating them by letting their behavior persist unperturbed, eventually, you will run out of livable space and need to fix the situation. But before jumping right into it, it's essential to note that hoarding is a complex mental problem. Therefore, if need be, let a therapist talk to the hoarder before the exercise commences.