Goodbye to Bad Trash

Compacting the Trash Your Construction Project Is Producing

by Micheal Curtis

A major challenge of managing a construction site will be handling the large amount of debris that your project may produce. Depending on the amount and type of waste that your project is producing, a mobile trash compacting system can offer some important advantages that can make them worth utilizing.

How Can Mobile Trash Compacting Benefit Your Construction Project?

There are many types of construction waste that will be fairly bulky in size. These items can take up much of the space in the dumpster, which can lead to you needing to pay for them to be emptied more frequently. A trash compacting system will be able to minimize this by dramatically reducing the volume of the trash that you have placed in the dumpster. This can allow you to fit more waste in the bin without exceeding its load capacity. Reducing the potential disruptions to your project can be a secondary benefit of using these systems as your workers will not have to stop and wait on the dumpster to be emptied.

Will It Be Difficult To Use A Mobile Trash Compacting Solution?

Trash compacting systems will be immensely powerful as they will have to be able to pack down very hard materials. Generally, mobile trash compacting systems are designed to be extremely simple to use. They will be equipped with a heavy weight that can be dropped on the contents of the dumpster to compress them. Depending on the calibration of this system, you may be able to largely automate this process to further reduce the complexity of using the compacting system. If you are not comfortable with using these systems, there are services that can visit your site to compact the trash that is in your bins, but this will be a more expensive option than renting one of these systems yourself.

Are There Materials That You Should Not Use In The Trash Compacting System?

A construction trash compacting system will be able to handle the vast majority of the materials put into it. However, there are some items that you should avoid placing in the compacting system due to safety reasons. One of these examples can be pressurized containers that have flammable contents. The compacting system could cause these containers to potentially explode and cause a fire. There may also be limits on the size of steel and concrete components that can be compacted by these systems, and you will want to make sure to choose a mobile trash compacting solution that will be capable of handling the trash that your project is likely to produce.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for construction trash compacting services near you.